Title: Servant of the Sun
Author: glitterburn
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Words: 2,842
Notes: Vaguely inspired by the Heian tradition of sending an imperial princess to the shrine at Ise, and vaguely Heian all around, actually.
Summary: Fourteenth Prince Changmin is sent to serve as an attendant at the shrine of the Sun. He must remain pure and chaste for a full year. He didn’t expect to fall in love.


Don’t Poke The Drunk Bunny


Genre: Smut(aka sexual frustration lol), Drabble, Comedy

Request: image

Summary: Jonghyun’s got a drunk bunny on his hands

Pairing: JongYu /Rated M

Word Count: 968

Side note: My first JongYu I think? It was fun ~ thanks for the request, sweetie! Please be kind to me, I’m so rusty *flops*

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Force of Need; jongyu; nc-17


this is just a drabble-y thing i wrote today. decided to go ahead and post it cause apparently the spottiness of it is cool or something and i dun plan on revisiting it anytime soon, so y’all might as well see it.  apocalyptic au because i’m into that kind of thing.

"Please, I need to get to the city."

"Nope," Jonghyun says.  "Like I said, I don’t do human cargo.  Don’t care about the reason, it’s a strict policy."

Jinki bites his lip.  He needs this, he needs to get there — he’ll walk back if he has to.  His hand fidgets against his pocket — he didn’t want to, but Jonghyun really isn’t giving him options.

Jonghyun grunts as he’s pressed up against his car door, hand already gripping at Jinki’s arm to keep it away from his throat.  Metal butts cold against the shaved part of his skull, and he realizes then Jinki choking him is the least of his worries.

"Please," Jinki asks, tone almost apologetic.  "I need to get there fast." 

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No. 1 Fan (Jongtae, NC17)


because you know something like this probably happened

“Fucking shit, Taemin.”

Jonghyun presses play again, despite his distress. As if those pictures hadn’t been enough, now there’s a beat and a husky voice and heavy eyeliner. Taemin looks like some kind of dark fairy rock star thing and it’s driving him crazy. He’s angry at how hot Taemin is, furious, downright livid.

“Oh god.”

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Unzipped [JongYu, NC-17, 471w]


I wrote this in Skype the other day bc I’m shameless and this is what my friends should expect by now. This lil scene is from an AU I’ve had on the backburner a while but haven’t written much for yet. College AU.

Jonghyun looks up from his place on the floor, eyes wide and pupils blown in the darkness. Jinki’s still staring at the TV screen, his eyes focused straight ahead, his shirt pulled up to bare his stomach for Jong to get at him. He doesn’t acknowledge the fact that his cock is twitching in Jonghyun’s mouth every time his tongue swipes over the head. He doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that Jonghyun is bobbing along his shaft, wet and quiet. Jonghyun doesn’t know why he’s so hard just from the feeling of Jinki thick in his mouth and his blank stare off into space. There’s something else to it, too, the feeling of conquest that comes with being an exception to Jinki’s rules. The ones concerning gender, first and foremost.

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Complimentary (Jongyu - nc17)


inspired by this post, of which i was marvelously given permission to write from. It’s set in the same au as this right here, like a month or two afterward. It might not be exactly what i was going for (or follow the inspo post to a tee) but i don’t hate it so here it is~

He’s so…

Jinki is caught up in Jonghyun again. It’s been happening a lot since their talk and the events thereafter. Though, he thinks others would agree, it’s really hard to not get caught up in Jonghyun, and all that he is. Soft hair stuck on gorgeous, sweat slicked skin, full lips hanging open as he lets pleasured moans flow freely from within. Jonghyun’s eyes are closed now, but Jinki has their shade of deep expressive brown set to memory. And all this is just his face. Jonghyun is just so…


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