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CONSIDER YOURSELF PROMPTED: "neighbours au where person A goes over to person B to tell B to ‘stop singing karaoke it’s 2am’" BUT I'm gonna give you restrictions, cause sometimes that's more inspiration. It can be 1500 words MAXIUMUM. Not a word more! AND Minho is the one holding the party. GO!

fonulyn answered:

(aye ma’am!)


This has got to be the worst day of Kibum’s life. It’s like the universe decides to play one big cosmic joke on him. He starts the morning with burnt breakfast, then gets to work late only to yell at a customer, which escalates to him getting fired. He spills his coffee on his shirt, calls his mother and gets into a fight with her, and to top it all off he slips and ends up face first in a puddle of mud.

And when he finally manages to drag himself home at midnight, all he wants is a hot shower, a bite to eat and lots of quality sleep.

The only problem with that is that the moment he steps into the apartment building he hears the noise, and the closer he gets to his own apartment the louder it gets. Apparently his neighbours are having a party. A party of the very noisy kind.

With a sigh Kibum glances at his watch. Well, it’s only fifteen past midnight, maybe they’re about to wrap it up soon? At least he can take that shower first and hope for the best.


A shower and a sandwich later there’s no sign of peace and quiet yet. Kibum grits his teeth. He double-checks that there isn’t a friendly apology note for him at the door, and comes to the conclusion that his neighbours indeed are obviously inconsiderate.

Now where the hell are his earplugs.


2 a.m. rolls around. Kibum is going to kill someone.


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Title: Servant of the Sun
Author: glitterburn
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Words: 2,842
Notes: Vaguely inspired by the Heian tradition of sending an imperial princess to the shrine at Ise, and vaguely Heian all around, actually.
Summary: Fourteenth Prince Changmin is sent to serve as an attendant at the shrine of the Sun. He must remain pure and chaste for a full year. He didn’t expect to fall in love.


Don’t Poke The Drunk Bunny


Genre: Smut(aka sexual frustration lol), Drabble, Comedy

Request: image

Summary: Jonghyun’s got a drunk bunny on his hands

Pairing: JongYu /Rated M

Word Count: 968

Side note: My first JongYu I think? It was fun ~ thanks for the request, sweetie! Please be kind to me, I’m so rusty *flops*

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Force of Need; jongyu; nc-17


this is just a drabble-y thing i wrote today. decided to go ahead and post it cause apparently the spottiness of it is cool or something and i dun plan on revisiting it anytime soon, so y’all might as well see it.  apocalyptic au because i’m into that kind of thing.

"Please, I need to get to the city."

"Nope," Jonghyun says.  "Like I said, I don’t do human cargo.  Don’t care about the reason, it’s a strict policy."

Jinki bites his lip.  He needs this, he needs to get there — he’ll walk back if he has to.  His hand fidgets against his pocket — he didn’t want to, but Jonghyun really isn’t giving him options.

Jonghyun grunts as he’s pressed up against his car door, hand already gripping at Jinki’s arm to keep it away from his throat.  Metal butts cold against the shaved part of his skull, and he realizes then Jinki choking him is the least of his worries.

"Please," Jinki asks, tone almost apologetic.  "I need to get there fast." 

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