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Jjongtaem; Sex kitten

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"Hey, hey, I got something for you."

Jonghyun raises a brow at the tone Taemin’s using. He then slowly lifts his gaze from the bowl of cereal sitting on his chest to where his boyfriend’s standing with his hands behind his back in the doorway of their bedroom. 

Something’s not right here. “What’s that?” He calls back, but he’s pretty sure the food in his mouth made it more along the lines of "wassat." Thankfully, Taemin knows what he means. 

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Title: Of Fire and Air
Author: cerinityks
Pairing: MinSu
Rating: R
Warnings: Some Angst, Smut, Violence and Language later, TVXQ with Powers!
Summary: Caught in a struggle between feuding clans, their love is forbidden. They don’t care though, willing to do anything to keep the other with them. But with unexpected events they are forced to choose; to betray their clans and stay true to their love, or to be loyal to their clans and forget the other.


Day 07 — Extra-Super-Grande-Hella Cute [JongKey, PG, 1522w]



Getting this in just before midnight!! >:D

Drabble a Day | Prompt Me!

The university library closes early before holiday weekends, which is kind of not awesome. Jonghyun’s got a stack of midterm papers to write. He also has a bottle of painkillers, twelve encouraging texts from Minho laden with emoji, and two extra-super-grande-whatever sized coffees. He can do this. Maybe.

Anatomy is not his strong suit, even with the handful of practice he’s had on underclassmen this year — though that was mostly in the dark, so it probably doesn’t count, he thinks with a frown. He’s got his shoes off, hair mussed, and he’s seriously considering unbuttoning his jeans. Hell, give it another hour and he’ll be adjusting his unseemly bits. No one’s in his corner of the library anyway. The empty table he’s got to himself is proof enough of that. He can hear the aircon whistle through the shelves and he’s pretty sure he saw a giant crumpled-paper tumbleweed roll through twenty minutes ago.

He’s looking out the huge window behind his chair, watching a duck waddle around the “Pond for Peace” (whatever that means), somewhere in the range of two hours and forty-seven minutes into his cram session. Maybe Jinki wouldn’t mind coming down to help him. Jinki finished his papers early, because he’s a smug honors student and he doesn’t have the amazing commitment Jonghyun does to pizza or 90s television reruns. Anyway, he’s distracting himself pretty well when he hears a throat clear in front of him — behind him? He is looking over his shoulder — followed by a weak half-cough.

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Minkey! "Watch where you're going."

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It is Kibum’s last day at work and his colleagues have organized a mini farewell party for him at a bar after office hours. Judging by the smile on Kibum’s face as he enjoys drink after drink with his soon to be ex-colleagues, you would think he’s in the best of moods because he is finally free to move on to what they all think is his dream job. Everyone knows it is Kibum’s decision to leave the company but that’s the only thing that is true. Everything else is a lie. Kibum only looks happy. Even though he is getting exactly what he wants, Kibum hates that it has to boil down to this – him quitting his job just because he can’t control what his heart feels.

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cloudy skies


minkey, 6274 words, pg15, friendship, fluff, romance, au, aff link


| When Minho first meets Kibum, the only word he can come up with when looking at the boy is odd. Odd and different and completely salient, with his partially shaved off hair and fancy clothes between all the business people squeezed into their chic suits and the students dressed in their boring school uniforms.

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